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Unveil the Sky

Miratlas enables laser communication between Earth and Space

We provide disruptive solutions to ensure continuous and secure optical communication between Earth and Space.
For the first time, we are able to characterize cloud cover and turbulence at night and during the day. By doing that, Miratlas addresses the issue of light propagation through the atmosphere.
These atmospheric measurements are crucial to ensure the continuity of service for direct to Earth Laser Communications. They also address emerging challenges such as contrail detection, air pollution and climate change.  

Markets & Applications

Our mission

Miratlas reveals the effects of atmospheric conditions including cloud cover and turbulence.

We are the first industrial player to offer these advanced atmospheric data as a service.

Faced with a growing telecommunications market which is struggling to bridge the global digital divide, Miratlas proposes to assist in the development of the terrestrial optical ground segment, enabling the convergence of Satcom and Telecom. This allows for broadband global coverage.

Miratlas designs, produces and sells atmospheric characterization instruments. We also run and commercialize computer models that provide crucial insights of the atmosphere as the climate warms.

Products & Services

Early adopters

We are collaborating with leading space agencies, research institutions and manufacturers: ESA, CNES, DLR, ONERA, CAI Durham, Fraunhofer IOSB, Airbus, Cailabs.

Investors & Supporters

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Sky Monitor 



Partially open-source onboard processing Linux system.


ROI Driven

Full array of sensors providing cost efficient actionable data.


Easy to deploy

Portable and light weight, as easy to install overnight as a weather station.


Unique technology

Miratas, designs and manufactures the Sky Monitor to characterize real-time, high resolution, atmospheric conditions. 
Built for continuous and autonomous outdoor operations, the Sky Monitor remains compact and easy to deploy while featuring the widest array of passive optical sensors ever included in a single system. 
The Sky Monitor provides 24/7 data for cloud cover, atmospheric turbulence and absorption.
We are the first to offer continuous, statistical data on atmospheric turbulence, a measure of atmospheric instability which is increasing with global warming. This is a key to unlock better modelling and forecasting. 

Our Technology