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Integrated Sky Monitor

The Integrated Sky Monitor (ISM) relies on a full powered Intel iCore system. The C++ software is partially open source and it is possible to access data for additional processing. The platform runs Linux Debian. Over 80% CPU is free for onboard data processing.

The small form factor and low energy requirement make the ISM easy to deploy in the field, even with solar powered batteries. Data may be backhauled using a low bandwidth mobile network over IP.

The ISM is composed of three appliances with a total power requirement of less than 40W:

  • ISM main unit 15x17x17cm, 2.8kg IP67
  • Night Seeing Monitor, 38x16x16cm, 2.5kg IP67
  • External sensors, pylon mounted, 36x24x37, 2kg IP67

All Sky LWIR Camera

A thermal Allsky Long-Wave Infrared camera with a 180° field of view and an accuracy of ±2K or ±2.0% for a temperature range of -40°c to +120°C.

ISM System Features

Seeing monitors

Nighttime, seeing in ArcSec, the Fried parameter r0 and scintillation RMS

Daytime, seeing in ArcSec and the Fried parameter r0


Long wave down welling radiation (Wm‑²) on a 40° field of view
Total column water vapor (cm) daytime, clear sky
Sky temperature (ºC)

Ambiant sensors

Temperature (°C), Pressure (hPa), Humidity (%), Wind (ms-¹), Rain (mm)

All-sky imaging

Visible, 350-1000nm, 6Mp, 185° FOV

Thermal, 8-14µm, 640×480, 180° FOV (optional)


Sky brightness (Mag/ArcSec²), including light pollution

  • Embedded data processing, C++/Linux.
  • Partially open source.
  • Add you own detection/tracking algorithms.
  • Intel iCore with 80% free CPU.
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Industries & Applications


Observatories & Optical Ground Stations

Optical Atmospheric Characterisation, cloud cover & seeing


Free Space Optical Communication

Optical Atmospheric Characterisation, cloud cover & seeing


Air Quality

Temperature Inversion, turbulence, transparency & irradiance


Detection & Tracking

Space Situationnal Awareness


FSO communication
  • Nighttime and daytime seeing and r0.
  • Cloud cover and transparency map.
  • Installation overnight on location.
  • OGS site survey and bandwith nowcasting.
  • Network architecture design and balancing.
  • Nighttime and daytime seeing and r0,
  • Cloud cover and transparency map,
  • Robotic telescope automation,
  • No mobile part.
  • Survey multiple observatories simultaneously,
  • Fraction of the cost of traditional DIMM sensors.
Solar power
  • Cloud cover, transparency map and irradiance data,
  • Installation in a couple of hours on location,
  • Site survey and power production nowcasting,
  • Power grid optimisation and balancing.
  • Realtime and passive optical detection for drone, plane, satellite, debris.
  • Redundant 3D tracking within an overlapping network of ISMs.
  • Installation in a couple of hours on location.
Atmospheric studies
  • Atmospheric turbulence and transparency.
  • Urban Heat Island and pollution monitoring.
  • Northern lights, nightglow, light pollution.
  • Installation overnight on location.
  • Passive optical sensing.
  • Large territory cover with a network of ISMs.

Sky Monitor Network

Main locations of Sky Monitors with the Median Fractional Cloud Cover as an overlayed layer.


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